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"I Haven't Met a Color I Didn't Like"


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Denise Sperry
22 Brompton Circle
Williamsville, NY 14221
Phone: (716) 634-8907


I paint because I cannot stop. It is my passion and a constant source of joy and
self-satisfaction. I entertain myself using a brush and a variety of media!
It is mentally challenging, visually stimulating, and emotionally engaging.
Good design, variety of shapes, and frequent color shifts are foremost in my

I am best known for my vibrant use of color and am inspired by the shapes,
colors, and light found in nature. I challenge myself artistically by interpreting
and abstracting my subject, rather than painting the scene as it actually appears.
My subjects are often depicted from a close vantage point to draw the viewer in.
Watercolor and liquid acrylics are my dominant mediums because they flow,
gradate, and blend to create surprising effects. They can be controlled to a point,
allowing me to achieve various degrees of transparency as well as more opaque
velvet-like textures. In most of my landscape paintings, the colors gradate from
warm to cool, light to dark, and rich intense color to less saturated ones. Each
shape is outlined with either black or white ink. I finish the paintings with small
areas of jewel tones to complete the “kaleidoscopic effect”.

I am currently working on a series entitled “Nature Abstracted”. As the series
progresses, I am able to achieve an “x-ray” effect where you can see through
objects in the foreground leading the eye into the background.

My work is constantly changing as I am exposed to new ideas, methods, and
materials. I love teaching and sharing the joys of watermedia with my students,
fellow artists, and friends. My life is fulfilled through the love of my husband,
daughters, family, friends, and the art that I create.


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